Abril et Nature Corrective Liss Shampoo - Mask Straightener Cream 6.76oz(Frizzy Hair)


Shampoo-mask for a progressive and temporary hair straightening.
Provides a gradual relaxation of curls and waves, temporarily weakening the cystine bonds of the hair fibre

Hair straightening in a natural wayEase to combVolume control and frizz reductionShine and natural lookSilky feelAnti-oxidant and anti-ageing action

1. Apply the straightening shampoo shampoo-mask Liss on wet hair. Massage all hair from roots to ends.
2. Leave remain the product on hair for 15 minutes. Rinse hair with water.
3. Dry the hair with a blow dryer and a rounded brush in order to straighten the hair while it was being blow dryed. A good hair brushing is essential to obtain an optimal straightening result.
4. After the hair is straightened, divide it in thin locks.
5. Apply a flat iron at every lock, at a temperature of 180 - 230¬ļC dependant on the diagnostic of the type of hair (see next table). The number of pass over every hair lock will depend also on the diagnostic of the type of hair (See next table). The final result in the straightening degree and frizz reduction achieved will depend on the flat iron temperature and on the number of flat iron pass over.