Abril et Nature Dinamic Curl Curl Defining Cream 6.76oz


Dinamic Curl 6.76oz Dinamic Curl is a fixative cream specialized for defining curls and waves. Its revolutionary continuous and flexible film technology allows the re-styling without loss of its fixing properties. It allows to brush the hair, maintaining the hairstyle, and obtaining a smooth and natural finish. With hair conditioning active ingredients and nourishing oils very similar than the natural lipids of the scalp. Provides a soft and conditioned feel to the hair. Its nourishing oils also minimize possible damage caused during styling by thermal tools.

High moisture resistance: provides long lasting hold of curl and waves, even in wet environments. Benefits: Strong and flexible hold Ideal to obtain defined and elastic curls, with a natural movement Avoids hair to get frizzy Provides soft and gloss Method of Use: Apply on wet hair dried with a towel. Blow-dry with a diffuser or let it dry by natural finish.