Abril et Nature Platinum Bain Shampoo (Blonde/Silver)


Suitable for hair with gray hair, blond hair and highlights especially for gray or white hair. Neutralizes the yellowish reflection of gray hair and returns whiteness and natural shine. Avoid unsightly hair curling. Provides luminosity and silkiness. Enhances tone and revitalizes white or gray hair.

It offers a high degree of hydration and nutrition to white hair (discolored, with highlights) or gray hair, avoiding the appearance of dryness that appears in these cases. Helps to neutralize the yellowish tone in case of discoloration, and enhances the original tone. The properties of this product reduce the friction on the hair fiber, leaving a soft and shiny hair.

Apply on damp hair. Massage gently and emulsify until light foam is obtained. Leave on for about five minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.