30 Minute Bleach Hair Lightener (4 Applications)


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  • Salon-tested and buffered to protect hair and scalp
  • Enough for four applications per box
  • Safely lifts 5 levels in 30 minutes

Lamaur 30-Minute Bleach is a salon-tested hair lightener that features a unique stay-moist conditioning formula that safely lifts hair 5 levels in 30 minutes.


Lamaur 30-Minute Bleach Hair Lightener features unique oxygen energizers. This allows you to take full advantage of the body's natural heat generated during the bleaching cycle to accelerate blonding. This non-runny formula eliminates the risk of bleach puffing and creeping. Leaves hair in excellent condition with proper porosity to accept and retains pastel toners. Sufficient for four applications per box.