Abril et Nature Age Reset Finish Volume Spray 6.76oz (Volume)


Finish Volume Age Reset, leave-on, included in Age Reset Stem Cells Treatment is a finish product giving the last contribution on the rejuvenation and thickening process. It is based on plant stem cells culture extract and in restorative active ingredients, which fix up to the keratin fibres in the cortex, increasing the thickness of the hair fibre. In particular, plant stem cells culture extract is obtained from a variety of Swiss apple called Uttwiler Spätlauber. It is an endangered apple variety that was well-know for its excellent storability and thus, its longevity, regenerative and vitality potential. Cell culture extract from this apple, incorporated to this new line of products, improve the longevity of protein structure in the hair fibre.
Finish Volume Age Reset and the whole line, have been developed primarily, for thin fibre hair, and weak hair, being damaged and breakable, with coarse cuticle surface, porous, and with tendency to get tanglet. Therefore is recommended in any case in which an increase in hair thickness and volume are needed. Owing to it is a leave-on product, gives its action in a continuing form.

It increases the thickness and strength of hair fibre from inside, in the cortex: the damage pieces are restored and the cortex is filled lengthwise the whole fibre. An increase in fibre thickness and hair volume is obtained, as well as, a soft touch and a easy in combing because of the cuticle smoothing.

Apply the spray on wet hair and dry hair boosting their volume.