Ouro Spray

Brinda maximo contro durante el peinado, ofreciendo una fijación seca resistente a la humedad sin resta flexibilidad yu protección anti-freeze.

Ouro Biphasic Therapy Hair System 8.12 oz

Biphasic Therapy is a daily leave-in treatment spray that consists of two phases: first, it helps to moisturize and detangle all hair types, making it easier to comb. While it also provides nutrition, softness and brings out the hairs natural shine. -It is not oily, nor does it add extra weight to the hair. Recommended for fine and abundant hair. (Shake well before spraying). -

El tratamiento bifasico de OURO es un leave-in de uso diario. Esta compuesto por dos fases, la primera ayuda a hidratar y desenredar todo tipo de cabello facilitando su peinado. La segunda fase brinda nutricion, suavidad y brillo. -No engrasa el cabello ni adiciona peso. Recomendada para cabellos finos y abundantes. (Agitar antes de usar).

Gamma+ X-Evo Linear Magnetic Trimmer

The holy grail of trimmer motors, the magnetic motor, was hard to imagine being developed for a full-sized cordless clipper. Now our revolutionary linear magnetic motor just got souped-up. Always considered the most heavy-duty and professional motor, the X-EVO features unprecedented linear magnetic motor technology. The microchipped magnetic motor runs at 10,000 strokes per minute of raw blade speed, with increased power and torque that blasts through any hair. The EVOlution of the trimmer is finally here.

The microchipped magnetic motor touts 10,000 strokes per minute of raw blade speed, with power that blasts through any hair, and motor-life longevity that lasts longer than any trimmer in its class. All that power and speed with one of the quietest whisper hums of any professional trimmer, the EVOlution of the trimmer is finally here.

StyleCraft Saber Cordless Brushless Motor Clipper - Gold

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