Aquage Curl Defining Crème

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This medium hold, highly-emollient styling creme creates soft, silky curls without frizz. For best results, air-dry naturally or with a diffuser.


  • Eliminates frizz and replenishes moisture on even the driest, most unmanageable textures
  • Perfectly defines natural curl pattern with a soft, natural finish
  • Ideal for clients who simply want to define their natural texture pattern without additional volume, hold or stiffness


  • Emulsify product in between palms and fingers before applying to the hair
  • Thoroughly saturate hair with product
  • Comb through from roots to ends with a fine-tooth comb to achieve even product distribution
  • For a softer finish, allow the hair to dry naturally.
  • For maximum definition, immediately blow-style the hair using a cup diffuser with your dryer set to high heat/low airflow.
  • To avoid creating frizz, do not touch or scrunch strands while drying