Ship-Shape Comb & Brush Cleaner 2lbs.

SKU: SSH33211

Ship-Shape Powder Brush/Comb Cleaner 32 oz

This multipurpose cleaner quickly dissolves styling product build-up on combs, brushes, rollers, fixtures and solid surfaces. One box provides more than 10,000 washes.

Safe to Use-Ship-Shape is gentle on hands and skin.

Economical-One box cleans 10,000 combs and brushes.

Combs and Brushes Look Like New-Ship-Shape solution removes lotions, oils, hair color, gels, sprays and dirt from combs and brushes, leaving them looking like new.

Promotes Cleanliness Throughout the Salon-Ideal for cleaning sink basins, head and neck rests, vinyl upholstery, chairs and tables, leaving surfaces sparkling.

Cleans spots and stains from retail centers, telephones, doorknobs, floors, walls and more.

Complies with State Laws and EPA-Meets state laws and EPA requirements for pre-cleaning tools before immersing them in a disinfectant.