StyleCraft Ace Lightweight Foldable Dryer

SKU: SCR13198

SLEEK, PROFESSIONAL FINISH offers a modern and sophisticated feel with a matte black finish and silver metallic accents

• HIGH SPEED, LOW NOISE Equipped with a powerful motor providing efficient drying power with low noise levels making for a comfortable and enjoyable drying experience

• 3 HEAT AND 2 SPEED SETTINGS, 1600 Watt provide the appropriate level of heat and speed for all hair types and desired styles

• LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO MANEUVER Weighing only 15.87 oz, designed to reduce strain, discomfort, and help avoid any arm fatigue while using, and filter cover is removable for effortless cleaning and maintenance

• SLIM, COMPACT DESIGN Foldable handle makes for easy compact storage and travel while maintaining the full power when at home or the salon

• PROFESSIONAL LENGTH CORD 9ft cord equipped for easier maneuvering during styling with safety plug

• CONCENTRATOR AND DIFFUSER nozzle directs airflow into a precise stream creating sleek, straight styles, while the diffuser helps to enhance natural curls and waves, the nozzle rotates 360 degrees giving maximum flexibility during use

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