V Luxe Silk Chiffon Lash

SKU: VLU73479

Kiss V-Luxe by iEnvy Mink Lash Inspired Silk Chiffon

These simply stunning lashes are motived by silk chiffon gowns every woman dreams of.
This design features true romantic glamour and is a flattering choice for all eye types.

Tip 1
Measure your lashes and trim. Before applying glue, double check they’re the right length (you don’t want the lash poking into the inner corner of your eye).
Tip 2
Apply eyelash adhesive to lash band (try to apply more glue to both ends so that they have a stronger hold) and wait about 30 seconds for it to become slightly tacky.
Tip 3
Using an applicator, apply eyelash along natural lash line. Secure it by pushing it down towards your lash line and hold until adhesive dries completely.