Avena Proport Color Repair System (3.38oz/2pk)

SKU: AVE00399




EN COLOR REPAIR SYSTEM is a color corrector able to remove totally or partially oxidation coloring with the only exception of the crazy colors (pink - green - blue - red), leaving hair soft and hydrated.

After the color correction process you must proceed with re-coloring the hair. It does not contain hydrogen peroxide or ammonia.

Contents: 2 Tubes x 100ml

HOW TO USE: Wear gloves before applying the product. Application on dry hair is recommended. Mix the content of tubes 1 and 2 in equal parts in a plastic bowl.

Apply the mixture evenly to the hair, leaving it on for 20/35 minutes. It is recommended to carry out a control test on the strands after 15 minutes.

After the processing time rinse off the product thoroughly by doing 2 or 3 washes with a hydrating shampoo (in case of porous hair it would be better to do 3 washes).

Apply the new color by choosing 1-2 tones lighter than the desired shade.

WARNING: Do not apply on damaged, irritated scalp or suffering from pathologies (Eczema, psoriasis, etc.).

It can cause an allergic reaction. Before using this product you must perform a skin sensitivity test. If product come into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use this product for purposes other than those intended. Tattoos may increase the risk of allergy.

Do not use on hair treated with Henna. Rinse-off product.