King Bleach Powder Plex 2lb.

$29.99 $37.99
SKU: KIN00388
  • Built-in protection
  • Skip the brass/copper
  • Achieve higher levels of light
  • Makes difficult processing possible
  • Makes good processing better
  • Touch and feel healthy

King Bleach laboratories has formulated a new generation powder lightener with enhanced respect to the hair structure, hydration and shine that enables professionals to achieve up to 12 levels of total lift! A combination of the Powder Plex Formula with oils, proteins and vegetable extracts allow this innovative formula to produce an antioxidant and hydrating effect which assists the hair during processing. The properties of this modern formula help to make hair less porous with greater elasticity and shine while feeling healthier to the touch. This avant-garde Powder Plex formula assists to reduce oxidation and porosity during lifting when compared to conventional bleach formulas as it helps to hold the integrity of the hair structure.