Pravana Purify & Revive Deminalizing Spray 5oz

SKU: PRA38856
Pravana's Purify & Revive Prime is a plant based lactic acid-powered demineralizing spray that takes just 3 minutes, reducing prep time by 95%.

• Removes hard water deposits instantly

• Takes 3-minutes, reducing prep time by 95%

• Creates a foundation for an optimized chemical servic

• Plant based Lactic acid seals in the cuticle, locking in color

• Promotes volume, vibrancy, and smoothness.

• Eliminates brassiness, unevenness, discoloration, and damage

• Hair is left weightless, lightly volumized, and moisturized

• Lactic acid demineralizes mineral build up.

• Use before all chemical services to optimize results.

• No need for an upcharge; lets clients spend money on extra services.

• Delivers more even results, boosting stylist confidence and client satisfaction.

• Maintain your color at home with Purify & Revive CLEANSE Shampoo.