Pravana Purify & Revive Mineral Diminishing Shampoo 11oz

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Pravana's Purify & Revive Cleanse is a lactic acid-powered deep shampoo that instantly removes hard water minerals, leaving hair hydrated, energized, and lightly volumized.

• Removes hard water deposits instantly

• Plant based Lactic acid seals in the cuticle, locking in color

• Green coffee extract energizes hair and scalp

• Smoothes hair without weighing it down

• Promotes volume, vibrancy, and moisture

• Eliminates brassiness, unevenness, discoloration, and damage

• Hair is left weightless, lightly volumized, and moisturizes

• Maintains color treatment from home

• 85% of people have hard water that dulls, drys, and damages hair

• Breakthrough demineralizing shampoo cleanses, diminishes chlorine and hard water buildup

• Plant based lactic acid removes hair of dirt, pollutants, and products without stripping away moisture

• Conveniently diminishes minerals and maintains your color treatment from home

• Mix-and-match Pravana conditioners for a customized hair care routine