Spray & Shave After Shave Moisture MIst 4oz

SKU: SSH00752

Primer class after shave moisture spray will keep you AHEAD of your competition. Start showing everyone what your magic hands are capable of with world class shave service for your customers.

With an incredible aroma, feeling, and sophistication, your customers will LOVE feeling so cared for. See all the benefits that this NEW and UNIQUE Hydrating Mist has to offer you:

Package Includes: 4oz spray bottle

  • Makes Your Customers Feel YOUNGER – Yes! 100% Tested, with the true power of Aloe Vera, it can make you feel up to 10 years younger.
  • It Does Not IRRITATE – People hate being uncomfortable, with this unique mist, you won’t have to care about that, ever again.
  • FRESH And UNIQUE Sensation – Your customers will not be able to explain how it feels, but it is incredible.
  • A HUGE Source Of Vitamins And Minerals – Make your customers feel healthier after stopping at your barbershop.
  • Used By The REAL BOSSES – The most successful barbers are using this, right now.
  • ANTISEPTIC – Yes, if you care about your customers, then this might interest you.