Suavecito Shaving Creme 8oz

SKU: SUA00404

This pre-whipped shaving cream is rich and silky in texture and provides a great smooth shave. It will leave the clean and feeling refreshed. Protects against the harshness of your razor. Peppermint fragrance is great in the morning for a little bit of a wake-up. 

Directions: This is pre-whipped and ready out of the jar. Apply to face and massage in circles into beard and skin. Allow cream to absorb, softening hair and skin. Shave. Rinse with cool water to close pores. Pat dry. 

  • Pre-whipped and ready to go straight from the jar
  • Softens whiskers for a smooth glide
  • Great fresh peppermint scent 
  • Easy to apply and easy to use
  • Net wt. 8 oz